Saturday, January 16, 2016

Little Random Things

Most of my days are composed of little moments and simple events that really don't need recognizing.
But it's truly those little things that are the most important!!

 I went up to have lunch with Ella on Friday.
I miss her during the week and I thought I would surprise her.
It was rather interesting because all the little girls started talking about height for some reason and we got to have a nice little talk about how every one is created different.

 Scarlet is showing some progress in her developmental delays.
I am so proud of her and so thankful to my Heavenly Father!!
She was terribly fussy the other day.
So I had her come sit on my lap and just snuggled her while Brent and I idly talked.
She fell asleep and snoozed in the chair for almost 2 hours.

 Ella wants to be a hunter.
She wants to not only hunt for sport, but to eat the meat.
My dad hunts and she loves him so much, I think she looks at him and wants to be apart of something he loves.
After her of course. ;)
When he and my brother brought home this crew she was so excited to see them and investigate them.
Ella has proclaimed that she wants to be a hair dresser on the weekends, teach Zumba at night, and drive a steamroller during the day.
She has some high ambitions!!
I don't care what my daughters choose for their profession, as long as it makes them happy!!

It has been colder than average in this desert I curse all summer.
And I have enjoyed it.
I am not outfitted for it though, so I am seen with a strange array of clothing some days!!
This is my flannel pajama top over my LEO love shirt, with my blanket as a make shift poncho!!
Scarlet wanted me to sit outside and watch her on the trampoline!!
Kato is a big wuss and snuggles in my lap, cuz he hates the cold.
But I have never rejected a pet on my lap, so I let him stay.

3 Day Refresh

After the Christmas Holiday, I decided I wanted to try 3 Day Fresh from Beach Body.
I figured I had done a lot harder for a lot longer and I could handle 3 days.
So I ordered it and did it this week.

Day 1:
This isn't too bad!!
Not starving.
Vanilla fresh tastes like utter swill.
This crap could choke a maggot.
Shakeology tastes like I'm drinking a leaf.
Tired Hummus for the first time!!
I discover it's really good!!
Dinner was steamed veggies.
Girls love them!!
They were good!!

Day 2:
Wake up feeling great!!
Feeling powerful and that this is going to be a piece of cake!!
Vanilla fresh seems to taste even worse than the day before.
Is that possible?
Eat a disappointing salad for dinner.
I hate my life.
I'm going to die from starvation. 
Take Tylenol PM at 8 o'clock to put me to sleep and forget about what I'm assuming is withdrawals from sugar and salt.

Day 3:
Wake up feeling good!!
Last day!!
I  can do it.
These shakes really do taste like shit. 
Are there people who really eat like this ALL the time?!
They must be sad.
Dinner is stir fry.
It's actually pretty good!!
I go to sleep hoping to have some good results in the morning.

I lost the weight I wanted and only felt homicidal one evening.
I was a little bloated for the cleanse because of all the fiber I consumed.
And the abundance of cruciferous vegetables.
Unfortunately, above mentioned gas resulted from fiber and I almost killed my family.
Ella told me I should sleep outside.

It was a pretty good program and I would totally do it again.
Especially having experienced it once already.
Just not any time soon!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I Just Can't Stand It

Every day I look at my daughters and it just brings tears to my eyes when I see how fast they are growing up.
I will give advice to all pregnant women out there, and new moms:
Enjoy each pregnancy and baby like it's your last,
because it might be and you might not be ready for it.
 I absolutely didn't think Scarlet was my last baby,
but that is how the cards were dealt.
I feel emotional every Monday when I drop Ella off at school.
I see her trot away with her little friends and I miss her.
I miss the little girl who was always happy (if somewhat strong willed).
She is still happy and spirited,
she's just getting so grown up!!
She listens to music I recognize, not Elmo's greatest hits.
She has little friends and they give each other gifts.
She reads!!
She worries!!
She gets so excited and likes to talk to me still!!
I know those years are getting short and I just want to weep!!

Sunday was Stake Conference and I chose to just stay home.
We curled up on the couch and binge watched 'Worst Cook in America' together
and ate a bunch of junk food.
She reached over and wrapped herself around my arm and just hugged it.
There is still a little girl in there and I will nourish it until the last drop is replaced by indignant teenager!!

I happen to read this on the same day.
I have been implementing it in our home and I swear it makes a difference!!
They just want love and attention.
I'm an ok mom.
I do my best and just want my family to be happy.
So I love to find easy, feasible tips to help with every day life!!

Too Much Mud!!

I love the rain, so I don't complain when it comes with the accompanying mud.
And we get MUD!!
It is deep and soft and slick!!
I went into it ankle deep and almost fell on my face!!
So when the girls needed to come in off the bus,
they needed a courier!!
Daddy had to haul them both to the porch!!

Our Fur Friend

We've had Kato for about 4 months now.
We love him.
He loves us!!
He's an awesome little doggie that my girls love and he keeps them company.

 He's very comforting for Scarlet to have around when I have to run errands or do a work out.
It makes her feel safe to have him next to her.
We go for a walk every morning.
I snuggle Scarlet up in the stroller and since Kato is kind of skinny and shivers all the time,
I try to bundle him up too.
He HATES sweaters!!
He freezes up and goes stiff!!
If his ears remained covered he can't walk straight!!

 The first day back to school after the Christmas break,
Kato whined as we pulled away from the school.
He watched out the back window as we drove off and when he finally lost sight of Ella,
he flopped down on her seat and sighed.
He was so happy to see her when she got home,
he wagged so hard it was a blur and he licked her whole face!!

And of course, I love Kato.
He loves to cuddle, and he truly asks for nothing.
He just wants to be by my side and be fed.
Some days it's just nice to have another heart beat in the house.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year's Goals

I like to make goals at the beginning of every year.
Some years they have been loftier than I was ever going to be able to obtain.
Some years not so much.
But like I mentioned in my last post, 
I like to document events so I can go back and look at them later.
This year's goals:

1. Appreciate what I already have and pray for it
2. Find my own confidence
3. Attend the temple quarterly (total of 4 times)

Selfish/Superfluous Goals
1. Lose holiday weight
2. Tan
3. Take the hunter's safety course 
draw an elk tag 
bring home an elk so I don't have to buy meat anymore!!

There you have it.
Not very exciting!!
I have some health and detox goals that are too boring to write about, let alone read about!!