Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Party

My dad came as a mighty hunter. Mrs. W is an awesome witch!
Scarlet sleeping with her favorite blanket.
Brent was a state champ football player. Not just a regular football player. A state champ.
Our awesome pumpkins!!
Scarlet as a pumpkin.
My mom didn't dress up...hehe!!
Ella the fairy. I was a fairy too, but no picture!!!
AND just another picture of Scarlet sleeping. Cuz she is just so cute when she's doing it!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Diagnosis....and some other stuff

This is what is wrong with Scarlet's kidneys. One side tried to form 2 kidneys and then they fused created one malformed kidney. The larger ureter dropped down too low into her bladder and covered the exit, resulting in urine back up. The larger ureter and the top portion of the malformation will have to be surgically removed in 2 years. Bad news is: if we had another child, it has a 50% chance of having the same thing wrong. Bleak out look!!
She's getting so much bigger! She weighed 8lbs 5oz at the urologists yesterday!! We couldn't believe it! She still looks so skinny with her chicken legs and arms. I guess at 2 months it's about time she fit into Newborn clothes! You can kind of see where her IV went into her hand yesterday. It took them an hour and 15 minutes to finally get it in. They tried in both feet and both hands twice before it stuck. She screamed the ENTIRE time. The test was successful and we won't have to do it again for a year.
The corn was too hot for Ella to hold. So Daddy was her cob holder!
When he got tired of it, she improvised!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hot Topics... A Little About ME

I was thinking today, that not every one who reads this blog know a lot about me. I thought I'd give a few fun facts about me. Just for fun!!
1. I have a large vocabulary. But I can't spell.
2. I love to read. Mostly trashy romance.
3. I'm short.
4. I WORRY about my weight all the time.
5. I'm very honest and direct. Sometimes people don't appreciate this.
6. I think I'm a little psychic.
7. I have a cosmetology license. I used to do hair but retired.
8. I also used to coach the cheerleaders. I loved it!! And I miss it.
9. I'm private.
10. I'm impatient.
11. I believe in the paranormal. I just think real cases are few and far between.
12. My favorite actors are Kevin Costner and Tom Hanks
13. My favorite singer is Bryan Adams. No not the one I went to high school with.
14. My favorite movie is 'Robin Hood Prince of Thieves'
15. I love Christmas
16. I am not pretentious. At least I try not to be.
17. I don't buy name brand.
18. But I'm not cheap either.
19. I don't compete with anyone but myself.
20. I really don't care what people think. I worry about myself.
21. I have breast implants. Yup. That's right. I've had 'em for 2 years and I have never regretted them for a minute and I still don't!! I LOVE them.
22. I have a tattoo of a butterfly on my butt.....haha just kidding!!! Thought you might like another shock!! Seriously, I don't. :)

Friday, October 14, 2011


What do you do if you're at the park, and your first attempt at urination in nature results in wet pants and panties? Your Mommy fashions a crude loin cloth out of you sisters burp rag. We weren't ready to leave!!
Didn't even phase her.
Today is my official due date. My baby with be 8 weeks old on Monday. She has finally out grown her preemie clothes. I put one of the sleepers on her on Tuesday and it fit, but when I went to put one on her last night, it just wouldn't fit! So now we are working on filling out newborn size.
Awake!! Poor Scarlet suffers from male pattern baldness. She's doing well so far. Everyone is getting used to a little less sleep. Mostly Mommy!