Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Week of Disease

Sunday I started to feel a little off.
Monday I woke up feeling like death.
Felt like I was swallowing glass.
Fought the virus for a few days.
Wednesday felt much better.
Thursday woke up with excruciating ear pain.
Went completely mute, & deaf in one ear.
Confirmed ear infection.
If I laid on my right side , it hurt my left, infected ear.
If I laid on my left side, it was too much pressure.
If I laid on my back it was too much pressure.

So I had to sit upright and sleep in the recliner.
I also had to wear the cone of shame.
It squishes my fat cheeks.
Speaking of weight loss goals.
I was over half way to my final goal.
Only 9-14 pounds, depending on how ambitious I was!!!
Now who knows how far away I am!!
Because even when it feels like I'm swallowing glass, I still comfort myself with my favorite addiction: FOOD!!!
Sweet little Scarlet came home from school and saw me laying on the ground, feeling most pitiful.
She started to stroke my back and croon, "It's ok mommy. It's ok. I love you."
Which is exactly what I say to her and her sister when they are sick and dying.
She really does listen sometimes!!
Now I am on a powerful round of antibiotics, which will cause a yeast infection.
So I have that to look forward to.
Not feeling positive today!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Daddy Daughter Camp Out

We were supposed to have a family camp out, but with Scarlet being so sick, it turned into just an Ella-Daddy camp out.
And that was a good thing, because she loves having one on one attention from either of us.
Her love language is time and it is so good for her to get that.
 They roasted hotdogs and marshmallows.
And got to play with fire.
Always a fun bonus.
They snuggled up in the tent we borrowed from Grandpa.
Ella burrowed in like a prairie dog and didn't even complain of a chill in the air!!
I was surprised they both made it all night, but they did!!
And they had so much fun!!

The Great Kidney Infection

Poor Scarlet.
She started having a low grade fever on Tuesday night.
It was gone by Wednesday morning so she went off to school with no signs of sickness or discomfort.
But Wednesday night it was back.
And it soared.
 She literally laid on the floor and screamed in pain all. day. long.
For. 48. hours.
We went to the doctor twice.
The antibiotics were not working fast enough so she had to have a shot to her little bum.
For a child who had to be born 2 months early due to renal failure, a kidney infection IS A BIG DEAL.
I literally slept next to her on the floor in my room for 2 nights to make sure she didn't die.
And woke her up every hour to make sure fluids were in her body.
After those hellish days, the medication kicked in, her fever came down, and she was able to finally get some sleep, and have relief from her pain.
I am so grateful for modern medicine!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Valentine Animals

I was miserably sick on Valentine's Day.
So instead of taking the girls out for a fun day, I laid on the couch in a coma for 5 days.
Brent worked that day and we had celebrated earlier,
but I was still disappointed that my plans with the girls were ruined!!
Ella was home sick today, so we had our Valentine's fun today!!
We made a treat, played a few games and made animals out of hearts!!
 Scarlet's pig, snail, and frog.
Ella's rabbit, fox, and panda bear.