Wednesday, October 28, 2015


We always like to go to the little carnival they hold at the Old School every year.
It's small, crowded and one of us always leaves over stimulated.
This year it was me!!
We re-used last years costumes.
I made a deal with the girls,
THEY could get new costumes,
they could wear last years and Kato could get a costume!!
They quickly agreed to keeping last years outfits so Kato could have a costume!!
 Scarlet was my wicked little witch again.
 And Ella was a rock star!!
We let them both wear a little make up and neither me, nor their father, like how grown up it made them look!!
 Ella executing her football throwing skills!!
4 happy monsters!!
We had a great time and the it's always fun to go out and do something.
We don't get to much between my and Scarlet's anxiety!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Corn Maze

After Conference, I decided it was with in my boundaries to go back to work!!
I went back to my sweet, wonderful boss over in Mesquite.
Brent, being the awesome daddy he is, decided to take the girls to the corn maze while I was gone.
They even took Kato!!
Brent said he complained the least!!

Scarlet cried to go home,
Ella cried to finish the maze.
Brent gave into the loudest child, and they exited the maze!!
But the girls loved all the other fun stuff they had!!

 Scarlet got to ride a 'reindeer'.
According to her, any moose, elk, deer, caribou, or any other antlered animal is a 'reindeer'.

 Ella rode a bull.

I was so happy to see they loved the cow!!
I LOVE cows!!
My grandpa had a whole herd and I miss them.
Brent is afraid of cows.
He thinks they are natures killers.
I was glad to see my girls do not share the same apprehensions!!

Pumpkin Patch

This year I was firm that we were only getting ONE pumpkin per person!!
Last year I had 7 of them and by the end of carving I didn't even care!!
Half effort faces were hacked into them & I didn't care if they caught on fire!!
We went to the Ag Farm and the girls shrieked and whined every time they turned over a pumpkin with mud on it......
What kind of cityfied girls have I raised?!
Where did they think the pumpkins from the store came from?!

 Scarlet literally picked this one because it was clean!!!
What is going on?!

 Ella at least was convinced that the mud comes off and that is HOW THEY GROW IN THE FIELD!!!

It was over cast so the burning, unforgiving sun didn't cook us.
I can't take summer anymore.
I just cant.
I'm going to snap and go down to the Water Company with a sledge hammer and smash the temperature display into a thousand glittering pieces.
*deep breath*
*calm down*

Monday, October 12, 2015

There's a first time for everything...

I have serious struggles with my reproductive system.
It's always on the fritz and something is always malfunctioning.
But it's something I'm familiar with so I don't worry too much.
But Friday.
Ohhhhhhhhh Friday.
I woke up and realized something my morning bladder void.
As in, it was bloody.
I wasn't in pain, but thought I should probably have it checked out at quick care.
They set me up with antibiotics and told me to take them if I felt I needed them
I brushed it off an thought I would go about my business and it was just some weird, random occurrence.
About 2 hours later the pain hit.
I will list the 3 most painful experiences of my life.
1. C section
2. Child birth
3. Kidney stone-combined with bladder infection
That's right. Kidney stones AND a bladder infection.
The sharp, breath taking pain of a shard of freaking rock working its way threw my urinary tract wasn't enough. Oh no my friends. The bladder decided to join the fun.
Let's add a raging bladder infection that literally felt like preterm labor!!
The next day when afore mentioned stone finally made its way out of my body, which by the way, was quite undignified and ungraceful, my poor stomach felt like I was about a week into a c section recovery.
I am now on a regiment of cranberry supplements that I am taking quite seriously.

Farewell Chase

A feral black cat showed up one evening.
I had mercy on him, as I always do, because I love cats and my heart always bleeds for a poor stray with no family.
I would leave extra food out or table scraps.
Chase would go out to play with him.
The problems was, I didn't realize it was a HIM.
On the same day I buried the dog, I let Chase out at 5am.
He always goes out that time of morning to chase bugs and prowl.
He never came home.
I believe the stray chased him off and he is off being a proper Tom cat.
 I will miss Chase.
He loved to play and did hilarious weird stuff!!
He had the most fabulous LONG fluffy tail to ever tail, and I will miss his mischievous cat spirit.
He snuggled with my girls and let them torture him without the presence of justifiable claws.
Any blanket left momentarily unguarded could be found with him burrowed in and happily purring.
Good bye kitty.
I assume the neighborhood will soon be filled with ginger, LONG tailed kitty cats.

Under the Tamarisk Tree

A year ago my dad and mom brought home a beautiful white lab puppy.
Not just a yellow lab, a WHITE lab.
He was so cute and sweet.
My dad hadn't had a dog in a few years and we were all ready to see a wagging tail in the back yard.
Porter was a good dog.
He was always happy to see everyone.
He had a very soft mouth and would take treats ever so carefully from little cubby hands.
He had a pogo problem.
He didn't really jump.
Just bounce right in front of you over, and over, and over.
He liked to dig when it was too hot and ate too many flowers.
About a month ago Porter stopped eating.
He was slowly fading.
I took him to the vet and it was discovered he had swallowed a ROCK.
A rock?!?
Why would he decide to eat a freaking rock!?
But he did.
The effort to try to work it threw his body, and the surgery to try to save him, failed.
He was gently laid to rest on September 25th.
He was a sweet, beautiful creature and I was heart broken.
I had hauled him to the vet because I wanted to do something to make a difference.
I wanted to save him!!
And my efforts were in vain.
So he lies next to the generations before him, under the tamarisk tree in the back yard, where all good dogs go in our family.