Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving morning, I have a long set tradition of going for a walk with my mother, and a then a run by myself.
I run as the sun rises for a couple reasons.
It's beautiful.
I love the birth of a fresh new day.
I love watching the sky change colors and the ice cold air fill my lungs.
I spend the miles praying, and thanking my Creator for all of the blessings in my life.
It could be considered cheesy, but I don't care.
Not one bit.
It is a glorious, emotional collection of feeling that I get to share with My Father.
This year as I ran, I felt a little extra emotional.
And as I gave my thanks from my mind, my tears froze over my contacts.
Which made me laugh.
This year I am grateful for:

My babies.
I love my little girls so much.
Yes they challenge me, and yes there are days I want to find the nearest gypsy camp and drop them off.
But they are sweet, and smart, and kind, and beautiful.
I love them so much and I hope I don't screw them up too bad!!
My husband.
He makes me want to weep with joy and break something all at the same time!!
But he loves me, and supports me, and protects me.
He knows how deep the crazy goes and is still by my side!!
My family.
I am so ever grateful I am healthy.
That I am safe.
And that I have a Savior who lived for me, died for me, and rose on the 3rd day, having atoned for my sins.

I am thankful for life.
Sometimes it sucks and nothing goes the way you want it to,
or the way it was supposed to!!
But I know I am here to be tested and tried.
And I am grateful for that knowledge.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Children's Muesem

For my nephew's birthday, we all went to the children's museum in St. George.
The girls had so much fun!!
 Ella has told us that she wants to teach Zumba when she grows up, and drive a steam roller.
Here she is honing her mechanic skills.
 She was very focused!!
 Scarlet loves cars.
She wanted to stand and 'work on' this one the whole time!!
Grandpa ran her threw the luggage x ray machine!!

She thought it was awesome!!
We have so much fun now that the girls are a little older,
and Scarlet can handle being in public a LITTLE.
Happy birthday Grayson!!
Your party was awesome!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Little Beauties

I'm not done editing all the ones of the girls.
But here is a preview!!


Family Pictures

It' that time of year again!!
Family pictures!!
We didn't do them last year because I felt and looked awful,
then my mother in law had ENTIRE BOWLER FAMILY pictures,
so we ended up with a few.
It was nice to capture my little family.
A special thanks to my awesome photographer!!
AKA my sister!!

 This isn't necessarily a great picture, but I loved the girls' faces!!
 Scarlet excels with the blue steel.

 And making goofy faces!!

I think this is the Christmas card!!
I was getting ready to give up my blog.
No one else does them anymore.
But then I go though my old posts and have so many memories!!
So I will not give u my blog.
Facebook is getting ridiculous & I only pop on once in awhile to check for correspondence.
Instagram is nice but it's just a picture.
I like to tell a story!!
Therefore, my dear blog with power on!!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Tangerine Dancer

Ella started ballet in September and while she liked it very much,
we decided to switch over to a Jazz class.
It is perfect for Ella!!
Lots of movement and energetic music!!
The class had ran for 4 weeks and she only had 2 weeks to catch up!!
I have to say she met and exceeded expectations!!
She worked hard and did very well!!
I was very proud of her.
 Her little outfit was nice and bright!!
 And sparkly!!
She thought her hair piece and fluffiness of her dress made her look like a rooster.
This is her rooster pose!!
Well done Ella.
I loved watching you!!

For Daddy

Ella found this ornament at the craft fair.
She carefully brought it to me with her big blue eyes staring solemnly up at me,
and asked so politely if she could get it for her daddy.
She knows what he does and she knows it can be scary.
She is so proud of him and loves him so much.
So we did.
He loved it.

My Little Builders

My daughters have pulled up a good amount of landscaping rocks,
and have built the great wall of Bowler.
On my front step.
I have to step over or around a giant wall of small boulders to get in my front door!!
This is the first thing visitors see!!
I am going to remember I need to support their creative thinking!!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Trick or Treat!!

I like Halloween, but it isn't my favorite holiday.
I'm always glad to pull out the decorations because that means Fall and cooler weather is coming!!
I took an extra long time for Fall to come this year.
I almost didn't make it!!
 Kato was a dragon!!
The girls loved it!!
He HATED it.
He was a good sport and grudgingly wore his costume.
But the look on his face was pure torture!!

Halloween is done and we had a lot of fun,
but now I am EXCITED for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!
The next 2 months are the only thing that gets me through the rest of the year!!

Parade and Pumpkins!!!

The school holds a little parade of all the kids in their costumes every year.
It is so cute!! 
I love the elementary school age!!
Everything is magical and fun!!
I never want Ella to age!!

 Ella the rock star dancing along.

 Scarlet the witch creeping along.

 We quickly carved pumpkins the night before Halloween!!
They were pretty rudimentary this year!!

 Scarlet just kind of danced around and then directed Brent on how to carve her pumpkin.

 It was windy and we were tired!!
It was quick, but we got to spend time together.

Somehow I always end up being the one who scoops the guts!!